I am the sweet and silky wave that soothes your throat and descends into your lungs, I embrace your alveoli and combine my cold touch with their warmth, giving up life and taking away waste. Your breathing is always rhythmic, always gentle; your voice is soft and does not cause much turbulence to my routine. I enjoy taking away the notes of your musicality; I steal them cheekily and share it with all the flowers and trees from far away that cannot hear you. I show the birds why I avoid them if I can – their songs are so pitched and boring at times, that they don’t fascinate me any more. Same inflections, same tunes that you can’t even tell who is who!

But today, today I find it hard to escape your chest; your throat is keeping me in as to call me for help, as to ask me to show my care for you even more than usual. Your vocal cords are making chaotic sounds; I can feel the tension of you wanting to scream me out, but you still need me, to replace the void that suffocates you, to stitch it to myself and take it away. The tears fall heavily on me as you swallow them and I don’t know what to say. I wish I could change my pressure and surprise you with a sweet and happy tune produced by your own throat. But I know that that is not what you need right now. You need me to be the storm, to produce the flood of wordless sounds and to overflow you with the cold oxygen of awakening.

Now, don’t forget to breathe.



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