My muscles don’t want to move, my body shuts down and my vessels refuse to give me more blood, my lungs refuse to give me more oxygen. I stop breathing. My sight has no more blood as well, I am looking nowhere, I cannot see. My knees soften, my body is shivering even though I am not cold, my skin is pale all of a sudden. My hair swings in the salty breeze as I watch the ship float away from the shore. It is slowly getting further and further, every centimetre makes my numbness turn to ache, my breathlessness to despair, my presence to emptiness. The breeze echoes inside of me, it blows trough my chest like a hurricane and it makes my eyes explode like volcanoes. My face is burning from the tears that roll like an avalanche, but my sensation is still nowhere to be found. Tears flood my neck and my mouth; they freeze my vocal cords and unite with the air blocked in my lungs where it forms heaviness. My nails dig deep into my palms, but I am still numb.

I try to open my mouth, to talk, but weeps are the only words that I can form, the language of sorrow that only a few can understand. I have no idea if I am standing or if the sand has eaten me slowly, my skin is scratched by the wind, it is swollen and bloodless, my body feels like it will explode!

You are taking me away, bring me back! My scream turns the boat on fire, and steam blurs its shape. The light is blinding my eyes, she is burning it down, she is burning herself to ashes, stop her! Stop it all, bring it back, please, wind, bring it back to me! I will stick it together, I will heal everything and I will whisper life to it again!

But the wind is taking the ruin even further. It raises my arm and it swings it as I finally manage to whisper:

  • Goodbye!

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