Your lighthouse

Vivid shades of lilac and coral surround the warm globe, forming a cold blanket of sunset, protecting it from the dark tones of blue that are arising from the corners of the horizon. Shy sparkles of light take a peek towards the sea, trying to see the diluted version of the palette of colours that … Mai mult Your lighthouse

Diaries of a foreign junior doctor part 2: Two years since I started working as a doctor (in the UK)

Looking back at the 25-year-old me, freshly graduated, with her one-way ticket in her hands, crossing the security area not looking back at her parents, blinded by the courage and hope of “following her dream” – little did she know that that was when the actual hardship was about to start, but also the thrill … Mai mult Diaries of a foreign junior doctor part 2: Two years since I started working as a doctor (in the UK)


I am the sweet and silky wave that soothes your throat and descends into your lungs, I embrace your alveoli and combine my cold touch with their warmth, giving up life and taking away waste. Your breathing is always rhythmic, always gentle; your voice is soft and does not cause much turbulence to my routine. … Mai mult Breathe

Art vs Science

A: My spine is doubled by the chords of a poorly-tuned guitar. My vertebrae and discs are a deformed piano. My skull is the deep echo of a viola. They all sing in perfect lack of harmony while the wind sways my hair away from my skin. My skin vibrates and intensifies the sound in … Mai mult Art vs Science

It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand

I feel like spilling this out, because otherwise it will just crush my chest. I hear very often „you are passionate about everything!”, „your passion shines so bright, it’s blinding!”, „I can’t be as passionate as you are!”, but I also hear „you need to stop at some point, you know”, „I am concerned about … Mai mult It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand

Are we lost?

The wind always has its own way, without asking anyone if it is right. The clouds follow it without questioning its sanity or its will. The Moon that we think is sunken in solitude has its own direction, but it is always followed silently by the sea. The sea, crushed by the Moon’s sadness, soothes … Mai mult Are we lost?

The librarian

Whoever says that my little town is boring knows nothing. From the hospital to the cathedral, towards Amesbury, towards Downton, the background is always enriched with hundreds of pairs of eyes. Glittering eyes, red eyes, marbles surrounded by dark circles, pieces of glass sunken in burning rivers of acid, drops of dark watercolour hidden behind … Mai mult The librarian